Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No green can.

Recently, I had an art show up in Costa Mesa along with Pose 2 and Chor Boogie at the Light gallery.

       I was hoping to document a step by step process but I was strapped for time and couldn't really do it properly. Originally I was painting seven piece for the show. It took me about two days to do these paintings from preparing the wood to finish. I had to do it sorta quick because of my schedule and.....Well, of course Murphy's law applied!  I  smashed my index finger to smithereens the first night while I was preparing the frames. I painted these piece's with my thumb and middle finger. The day of the show around 1:30 am I ran out of the color I needed the most and I had (or did have) the last of this light green in San Diego. No other art store, hip hop boutique had this color, brand available. My deadline was fast approaching and couldn't finish the last 4 panels. What I did instead was paint over the portraits and painted letters instead. Those turned out super wack so I scrapped that idea and decided to use the blanks for another show in August.

   Although I'm supposed to be concentrating on my first SOLO SHOW EVER!!!!! at distinction gallery in July.
 I did the Costa Mesa show out of an experiment, since I was offered a second solo show in August. I wondered if I could pull off  two back to back solo shows and the only way I can do another solo show is to use a faster drying medium like spray paint. I haven't used spray paint as a medium for portraits since 1999, so I'm bit nervous. I have painted a few here and there over the years but nothing great and nothing in a serious manner. I'm mad rusty at it and need to get the bad habits out and re-learn with the European brands of paint, since I normally used Krylon back then for portrait work. The show at distinction has and will take all my time in the up coming months since I'm using oils. I hope to lay my brushes down by the first week of June. After that I will have a month and a half to prepare the panels, build frames, paint and complete 15-25 paintings for the show at Suite 100 Seattle.

                                                  These are some of  the blanks.


 Cat Dondi Keeping an eye out for me. Weow!

Thats smarts!

Staining frames

I always look at my images back wards to see if it looks good.

Morning of the show.


djmaneone said...

how much for one of those green portraits?

can i pay you in installments?

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