Thursday, April 8, 2010

DUCK ROCK (influnces)

 Malcolm McLaren Died today. Man, his record "Duck Rock" was a huge influence to me, more so then any other Hip Hip album that came out in the 80's...well, next to "Wild Style" and "Run Dmc" self entitled album. Duck Rock is on my all time top 10 Hip Hop albums ever. It was also the very first record I ever bought to use for Djing back in 1983.

In 1982... I remember clearly riding in my sisters boy friends supped up 1965 mustang. Billy was blasting "Buffalo Gals" down Grand Ave in Spring Valley more than likely going around 70+ and doing burnouts or donuts.(mother fucker was crazy) The single just came out and to this day I still don't know how he got a hold of it or why he bought it he was a rock head. That wailing spooky scream at the beginning had me hooked from the get go. Buffalo Gals was the first song that I ever heard a DJ scratch on a song. The video was even better! My old writing partner Kaze and I first got to watch the video for Buffalo Gals on a TV show called "Night Flight" a year later. I tripped out how in the movie "scratching" all those DJ gave credit to "rocket being the first to have scratching on it" I was thinking bull shit! or maybe just these DJ's first notice "scratching" on that album. But come to think about it Grandmaster Flash put out the " The Official Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash" in 1981, which has scratching and cutting and back spinning breaks featured on the single. 

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Dude! Back when thee adventure began!!! KZ