Friday, February 26, 2010

Battle Grounds (z) 2010

I finally had the chance to paint at this event that goes on down in Chula Vista, Ca. The name of the event is called "Battle Groundz*" ...I don't know why...but "hip hop" promoters, Dj's etc... have to always replace a perfectly fine "S" with a "Z" this shit drives me nuts! when did this "type" of nonsence start ? I'm think maybe in the 90's to be used as a gimik to sound more street. anywayz....enuff of that yo! Soo the last 2 years I have been wanting to paint at this event/wall. This wall is perfect to paint on! It gets good light for picture taken the size is on point minus the shrubs, I for got to bring a Machete to fix that problem. Over all the event went off with out a hitch a about 300 people showed up and had about 50 or so graffiti artist showed up to paint.

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djmaneone said...

hell yeah sake that's dope!