Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Behind The Post Office

I painted this Petty pinup girl in 1997 at a store called "Behind The Post Office." It was located down town San Diego and was a meeting place for hip hoppers and the cool people (hipsters nowadays) Quasar was hanging out with me, along with a few others that I can't remember.... through out the day while I was painting the pinup, "Q" noticed a dude on a bike checking me out while I was painting, Quasar mentioned this a few times like.... "YO! whose that dude Yo! He's like studying you, Yo!" (Quasar...said "yo" a lot) He kept on leaving and coming back, He never once came over. Some how, Quasar recognized him and it turned out to be "loomit" from Germany.

Behind The Post Office.... today