Saturday, September 20, 2008

the 3D's

 In 1982, I was lucky to catch this made for TV movie called "Dreams Don't Die." Prior to this movie, I have been aware of graffiti, but didn't have any clue what it was about or I could not grasp the concept of it. 

This movie gave me a blue print, it was the first time it made sence to me, why people did it. It gave me a face of who was behind the strange writings that I saw when I was child living in New York. It gave me the idea that writing graffiti was a fun and organised activity that I too can participate in.

 "Dreams" is my "Dawn of Man" it gave me that shove that I needed, the discovery of tools that were right in my parents garage, Red Devil and Krylon. Now, I just needed to draw a sketch with a nick name, I was familure with lettering already, after copying the letters from BMX comic strips by Bob Haro.

 The next thing I need to do was to find a place to paint it. San Diego didn't have any subways, so I was looking for the next best thing and that place was at Le Presa Elementary on a old iron furnace next to the school yard.

After watching it only once in 1982  and now with the miracle of "youtube!" I was pleasently reminded that this movie was actualy a great intruduction into the culture of graffiti, with "Style Wars" still a year away from being released. This was defenitly a good start.
The opening has some cool subway shots and Dondi's "King 65"