Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sake Is On Fire!

I had it up to hear with fire! My head is going to explode , I really think MR.Glass is up to no good! We had to pack up an leave! We were not taken nooooo chances! with the help of a few close friends; storm ,eswift and rock ferd (Thanks again for lending a hand!) It was definitely madness! speaking of Madness This is the only song I like from them.
Mt. San Miguel freaking burned to a crisp and looked like"Orodruin"from lord of the rings!
Once it went over That was our cue to pack up and move to Beverly hills...well we head over to my brothers house on the other side of Spring Valley. A few thing I did notice that at 3am Spring Valley Looked like it was around 5pm during rush hour it was chaotic to say the least and how much crap we have at the ranch and what great friends I have!!!!

......Mean while at the "Jack Murphy Stadium" aka The "Q" ...Bleeeh! It's still the "Murph" yeah I still call it the murph! since I Performed their when I was a lad "breaking" for the "Padres 1984 thank you party" in front of a crowd of 38,000-50,000 is what they estimate. I have a soft spot for the murph. Any ways enough or my ramblings. I think in poor taste but great fun if the bands that volunteered played some fire songs to cheer up the crowd. Which 1,000 of them were Moochers (great song by the way) taken advantage of the "fire" I thought since I dj I usually do tribute sets or theme sets 'what if the bands did songs about 'Fire"

This is what I would play!

Sake's top ten songs about fire or fire in the lyrics:

1. The Trammps "Disco Inferno"

2. T-Connection  "on fire"

3. Rock Master Scott * The Roof Is On Fire*

4. Ella Fitzgerald - Turn The World Around

5. Johnny Cash "Ring Of Fire"

6. Jimi Hendrix  “Fire”

7. Deep Purple  “Smoke On The Water”

8. The Doors “Light My fire”

9.  Rick James ft Teena Marie “Fire And Desire”

10. Chaka Khan › Through The Fire

Well at last the "Great Fires Of 2007" are over with! Time for me to get back to work!

I think they final contained it this past Monday!

Someday I will post the footage

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